Inspector's Qualifications, Education & Training



 Mr. Madison has been the owner/operator of Madison Home Inspection Service LLC since 2000 performing 100’s of residential home inspections.


Mr. Madison has over 20 years experience in the construction industry.  This experience includes new home construction, home remodeling, historic home renovation/restoration, several years operation of a home improvement/repair contracting business, cabinet/furniture making, and landscape/soils management.


EDUCATION: B. S. in Agronomy, (Summa Cum Laude), University of Maryland, College Park, MD, 12/92.Conservation Soil, Water and Environment.


Mr. Madison has been a Member of the National Association of Home Inspectors (NAHI) since 2000 (  NAHI is a nonprofit association whose mission is to “promote excellence and professionalism in the home inspection industry; to provide a standards of practice and a code of ethics; to educate its members; and to inform the public of the benefits and scope of a professional home inspection.”

NAHI membership and Madison Home Inspection Service LLC require continuing education to ensure you are receiving the best possible home inspection.  There is currently a trend in society to attempt to evaluate all activities by quantifying them such as with the trend to require continuing education for an ever expanding group of professions.  The idea being if you put in x hours of y organized (read paid for) activity that you are assured of a certain level of competence and equality.  Logically we know this is not true.  So while membership in a given profession increasingly requires continuing education that is not only quantifiable but verifiable it does not guarantee the quality of the activity or of the material.  Society maintains that if you can't quantify it, it does not count.  My point is that beyond the extremely limited amount of time I spend on organized continuing education, I spend countless hours doing independent research on myriad topics related to homes and their systems so that I may be better prepared to serve my clients and just because I am very interested in what I do professionally.

list of organized activities, classes, seminars etc. Mr. Madison has engaged in to maintain and increase the skills required to provide a quality home inspection:

9/10-Completed a six week online course and examination about geothermal HVAC systems conducted by the HEATSPRING LEARNING INSTITUTE.  The course investigated the different types of systems, the equipment required, installation requirements, how the systems function, the strengths and weaknesses of different systems, and how to select a system based on site specific conditions.  HeatSpring Learning Institute is an education and publishing company providing a lifetime of clean energy training to building professionals. We're proud to be an independent company supporting the leading entrepreneurs, installers, and designers. We publish HeatSpring Magazine, our online and printed publication that cuts through the hype to provide news and tools for the geothermal, solar and building performance industry.

9/07-Attended a 2 day hands on workshop presented by masonry expert John Speweik of US Heritage Group examining the origin, composition, unique qualities, manufacture, and use of historic lime mortars with special attention on how to evaluate mortar condition and specify mortar repair or replacement."

10/06-Attended Restoration & Renovation Conference seminars regarding proper methods for fabricating and installing metal flashing, wood window restoration techniques, identification and selection of historically correct architectural trim and moldings, and historic paint analysis.

12/05-Completed course on methods of evaluating conditions and problems associated with historic and older structures and considered strategies for maintenance and restoration.

2/05-Completed course on Regional Historic Architectural Periods and Styles, Goucher College Historical Preservation Certificate Program

9/04-Attended NAHI seminars on insulation, new home structural framing.

9/03-Attended NAHI seminar covering gas furnaces.

9/02-Attended NAHI seminar covering a variety of topics including air conditioner/heat pump inspection and water heater inspection.

2/02-accompanied a cooling/heating technician on service calls in order to further develop skills in inspecting HVAC systems.

12/00-accompanied an experienced chimney sweep on service calls in order to further develop skills in inspecting chimneys, fireplaces, wood stoves, and flues serving oil/gas furnaces and appliances.

9/99-A 5 day NAHI certified classroom/field course on home inspections and environmental testing.


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