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Madison Home Inspection Service LLC (MHIS) was established March 1, 2000 to provide reliable, quality home inspections, home consulting, and water problem consulting.  All pre-purchase home inspections are performed in accordance with the standards of practice of the National Association of Home Inspectors.  MHIS is an owner operated company. 



A personal note: 

My work as a home inspector has been the most satisfying of my work career.  I feel satisfaction in the confidence that I am providing a valuable service in educating my clients about their prospective home, both in identifying and explaining the significance of defects as well as pointing out the good qualities.  I am continually learning new things about homes and how their systems function.  The design, types of materials, and building techniques utilized in home building in this country over more than two centuries have been a continual evolution.  This is one of the many factors that make my work interesting.  There is much to know and none of us knows it all. 


In addition to evaluating the condition of a property, I believe a quality home inspection should include an educational component.  I think it is important to explain to clients how their home works:  where and how you turn on and off the water and gas supply for example, when and what kind of maintenance different systems require, and to make recommendations for upgrades and improvements.  This is why I believe it is critical for clients to attend an inspection.  I am always astounded when some one informs me that they did not attend their home inspection.  Of course providing this type of extra service of requires more time.  My goal will never be to perform the fastest nor the cheapest home inspection.  I want to perform thorough and comprehensive inspections and be compensated accordingly.  Some clients and sellers express surprise that my inspection may require 3 ½ to 4 hours or more for a single family home.  I will often hear that someone’s prior inspection only took one hour.  I don’t believe even a minimal inspection can be performed in much less than two hours. 


I get a great deal of satisfaction from owning and operating my own business.  Anyone who has started a business of course knows that it is challenging, often risky, and always a bumpy ride.  It is also very rewarding.  Madison Home Inspection Service is not a franchise, is not owned by some other corporate entity, and success is not measured solely on the basis of profit. Madison Home Inspection Service is a locally owned business, operated by an individual, for the purpose of providing a quality service at a fair price.


If you appreciate these qualities, call me before you purchase your next home,

          Scott Madison, owner/operator, Madison Home Inspection Service LLC




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