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The purpose of providing this service is that after attending an entire home inspection and reviewing the complete report, the client will:


·       have a clear understanding of the general overall condition of the home

·       have a basic understanding of the function and operation of major systems

·       be aware of identified major defects and recommended course(s) of action

·       be informed of normal standard maintenance requirements

·       be informed of suggested minor repairs and/or improvements that may enhance the condition or function of the home.

My goal is that at the conclusion of the inspection I will have good understanding of the house, what is both right and wrong with the house,

will have communicated that information effectively, and prepared my client to operate the house competently.


The time required to perform a home inspection depends on the homes size, age, condition, and other factors.  I spend approximately 3 ½ to 4 hours inspecting the typical single family home.  This is an important consideration in choosing a home inspector.  In my opinion it requires a minimum of over 2 hours to perform the most basic inspection of a typical home.


All inspections evaluate:

 Grounds and Drainage

Structural Components


Garage, Decks


Basement and/or Crawl space

Roof, Gutters

Attic, Insulation

Chimneys, Fireplaces


HVAC Systems

Plumbing System

Electrical System

I provide 2 copies of your written report at the conclusion of the inspection.
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